This website collects a variety of data about you when you visit. None of it can, generally, easily personally identify you, unless you opt into my email newsletter. Though if you tell me you’re going on a weekend to Iceland and I see an Icelandic IP address in my analytics, I can take a guess.

The main tools for this are Google Analytics, Google’s advertising network and Facebook’s tracking code, though I may add other things over time that allow me to:

  1. Understand who visits my website and what they are interested in.
  2. Target advertising with interesting and useful (I hope) content at you on other platforms (primarily Facebook).
  3. Stop spam and increase security.

This website and my business operate under UK data law. It’s worth noting though that my entire business runs on cloud based services which include ¬†servers based in the USA. Though with recent legal decisions this may well change soon.

As a general principle I’d never sell or abuse your data. And I’m fairly cautious about security. For obvious reasons getting these things wrong would be a very bad thing for my business and reputation.

If you want a completely up to date list of the tracking code on my website then I recommend the excellent service provided by Ghostery. At the time of writing it consisted of:

  1. Facebook Pixel (allows me to advertise to you on Facebook).
  2. Disqus (reduces spam on comments).
  3. Google analytics (website statistics)
  4. WordPress stats (website statistics)
  5. SumoMe (that email subscribe popup)
  6. Gravatar (puts a picture of you next to your comment if you like).

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop me an email.