Green Retreats make a big issue of their environmental policies.

It turns out that they make it impossible to install solar panels on the roof of their garden rooms.

I had a garden office installed at the beginning of 2022, and had assumed that it would be easy to put solar on top. The garden room is almost 300 square feet – so I could generate almost 2/3 of my family’s electricity use from panels on it alone.

Yet Green Retreats put two obstacles in my way:

  1. They say that any fittings of solar panels to the roof will invalidate the roof guarantee. But they refuse to provide any solution to this or guidance for people fitting solar panels.
  2. They won’t say what weight the roof can take. Ten solar panels will weigh roughly 250kg. It’s evenly distributed, so it probably isn’t a big issue, but again they refuse to say anything.

Green Retreats also refuse to offer a service to install solar panels- which is another obvious solution.

So if you want a garden room from Green Retreats, be aware that you can’t put solar panels on it.

You can see their formal policy here in an email to me:

Green Retreats email explaining that you cannot put solar panels on their garden room.