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Can you predict what is in the media?

What the media covers matters. Directly and indirectly it influences government policy and company decisions. So what is discussed in the media, and when it is discussed, matters. So it’s helpful to be able to predict what will appear in the media. Predicting what...

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Who influences Biden transition team UK

  We analysed 68,383 Twitter accounts followed by 150 Biden agency transition team members, to find out who influences team Biden in the UK. To be the first to read our next report, sign up to our mailing list. To download the full report, hit the button below.

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Media coverage 2021

Politico Transition Playbook: Top Biden Twitter Influencers January 2021 Unherd: Is there a vaccine trade war brewing? January 2021 Politico London Influence: Top Biden Twitter Influencers in the UK January 2021

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When will the UK return to normal?

In early December ITV's Peston featured my research on when the UK would be fully vaccinated. My vaccine predictor suggests that the UK's vulnerable population will be vaccinated by late Spring 2021, and the rest of the population by summer 2021. Key assumptions are:...

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Beat Covid with persuasion

Most of us aren’t scientists or doctors. But we are, potentially, spreading Coronavirus. So we all need to change our behaviour. Simple behaviours like washing your hands or social distancing. The problem is that many of us haven’t changed our behaviours yet. And even...

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