Fake statistics – Can North Korea kill 90% of Americans?

Luckily North Korea can’t kill 90% of Americans. This number originates in an unpublished work of fiction. Literally a novel that a Congressman read. It then took on a life of its own.


Sniffing out the FBI’s secret Instagram account

If you need to investigate a company or individual online, there are a lot of tricks to find out what they are doing. A smart journalist used these to find the FBI Director’s secret Instagram account.


Twitter isn’t representative

Twitter does not predict what the general public is thinking. Even though sometimes Twitter trends coincide with everyone else. A new study compared British Twitter users to broader society’s views.  Twitter users are not a good proxy for non-users.


Facebook launching Bots for  Groups

People often forget about Facebook Groups. They’re low profile, and fairly simple. But they have over 1 billion users. Anecdotally it seems they are influential over everything from private business discussions to the hottest parties in Los Angeles.

This makes Bots for Facebook groups interesting. It will be possible to engage in a Group without being allowed in. For instance BT Sport might create a Bot with sports results for private football groups. Or a software company might create a news bot for a specialist set of customers.


What happens if you practise attacking yourself?

During New Labour’s rise in the 1990s, their media head, Alastair Campbell, had a weekly meeting devoted to attacking his own side. Looking through the eyes of his opponents made the rest of their week smarter.

On that note, it turns out the most effective ad of the Trump campaign used an old video of Michelle Obama attacking Hillary Clinton. It’s routine for political campaigns to follow their opponents everywhere, hoping to catch them off-guard. I wonder how many corporates have considered this?


Poachers turned gamekeepers?

The digital wild west lets a surprising number of former mafia-like villains, turn respectable(ish). In this case, a Russian troll factory creating content for pro-Putin and pro-Trump groups.